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Fun from Last Month

Camping Trip

As many of you know, in July, the Club was gifted a van from the Boys & Girls Club of West San Gabriel Valley. Because of this amazing gift, Club members were inspired to create an outdoor adventure club within the Club, since transportation to a plethora of different adventurous outings is now more feasible. Club members in 6th-8th grades came together and devised a plan to celebrate the end of the summer by embarking on an overnight camping adventure at Lake Siskiyou campground. To make this dream a reality, Club members collectively developed a plan to raise money for their trip through a Car Wash & Bake Sale. With their determination and passion, they were able to raise the funds needed to embark on their epic tent-camping adventure filled with aquatic fun, hiking, and a crackling campfire.


Car Wash & Bake Sale

Many thanks to everyone who came to our Car Wash & Bake Sale in support of the Club, and a very special thank you to the Sportmen's Den for your outstanding support by giving us a space to hold the event.

Because of you, our Torch Club was able to raise funds to go on their epic end-of-the-summer camping adventure at Lake Siskiyou, kick-starting their Outdoor Adventure Club.


End-of-Summer Fun at the Club

In celebration of an exciting and eventful Summer Program, Club members enjoyed a day of water-fun with a giant "Monster Wave" slide and plenty of aquatic themed games during our last day of summer at the Club.


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