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At the Club, 2023 has been welcomed with fun, laughter, new experiences, and lots of learning opportunities.

Take a sneak-peek into how Club members participated in programs that foster life-long friendships, promote healthy lifestyles & academic achievement, and empower them to reach their full potential.

Our club members had the special opportunity to participate in the Epic Adventure Day at the Siskiyou YMCA, sponsored by the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program.

Each member participated in diverse and exciting hands-on activities, such as a painting class taught by Azure Granger, an American Ninja Warrior course taught by Joe Moravsky, they've also learned survivalist skills from Britt Ahart from the show Alone, and also got to create a news segment guided by George A. Johnson!

Our Day of Gratitude and Holiday Celebration Day were simply awesome!

We were able to serve the members a whole feast thanks to the Rotary Club, who donated the turkey, ham, and desserts and also thanks to our dedicated staff who made sure to prepare their favorite dishes for the Club members.

A special thank you to all the volunteers who came to helped us serve the food!

How amazing is it to see the kids receiving all of these great gifts?! A huge thank you to the Forest Service for not only donating them, but thoughtfully wrapping each one of them. You guys have made their (and consequently our) day!


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