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Lead Youth Development
Professional Staff

(STEM Lead, Art Lead, Educational Enhancement Lead, Sports & Fitness Lead)

Looking for a fresh start in an exciting and rewarding career at a nationally-recognized organization with opportunities for growth? Do you have a passion for working with youth? Boys & Girls Club of Greater Shasta is looking for energetic, passionate, and skilled individuals who love working with youth in grades K-8th in a fun, safe, and active environment.

More than ever, youth need a safe and encouraging support network; meaning that you have the opportunity to make a positive, life-long impact on the lives of the youth we serve. Become a mentor, a coach, or even a superhero. Be the one that they have been waiting for. 

  Primary Function:  

Under the supervision of the Unit Director, Lead Youth Development Professional Staff are responsible to plan, coordinate and implement activities and programs. A variety of Lead Staff positions are available, which include: STEM, Art, Educational Enhancement, and Sports & Fitness. Each Lead Staff would be responsible for their specified program area.

  Success Factors:  

  • Ability to listen, to have patience, and to create a positive atmosphere with children, parents, school personnel, and other staff

  • Ability to organize groups of up to 20 youth in both play activities and your core programming area

  • Knowledge of child development issues, and conflict resolution and mediation skills

  • Knowing how to allow members to resolve problems, and when it is appropriate for an adult/staff to step in

  • Knowledge of appropriate-age games and extensive knowledge in the specific programming category in which you are applying for (STEM, Art, Sports or Educational Enhancement)

  • The ability to provide guidance in a positive atmosphere for problem-solving with the program assistants/ youth development staff

  • The ability to communicate effectively in written and oral forms

  • The ability to supervise program assistants/youth development staff when necessary

  • The ability to be unbiased in interaction with members

  • The ability to communicate effectively in written and oral forms

  Position Responsibilities:  

  • Plan and implement Club programs, which includes program instruction, curriculum development and revision, materials management, and maintaining programming boards (in the areas of either STEM, Art, Sports or Educational Enhancement)

  • Ensure curriculum content is age-appropriate and in alignment with Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s core programs

  • Develop, create, purchase, and maintain program materials

  • Organize special events or activities relating to your Program area

  • Provide leadership to encourage success and improve the Club experience for youth in Club programs

  • Maintain respectful communication with members, parents, school personnel, and other staff at all times

  • Provide on-site supervision of Club members

  • Assess youth outcomes and evaluate the program’s success to monitor program effectiveness through regular reporting which includes youth evaluations, attendance; Club member, parent, and staff survey data and maintain effective systems for tracking and evaluating data

  • Maintain a positive outlook and attitude with youth, and provide constructive feedback on their efforts and progress

  • Adhere to the Boys & Girls Club of  Greater Shasta policies and procedures

  • Assist youth in conflict resolution skills, and how to accept responsibility for their actions

  • Maintain positive discipline and safety procedures at all times

  • Help maintain a clean facility, making sure youth clean up after activities. Never leave a mess after an activity!

  • Provide guidance in problem-solving with the youth development staff

  • Additional duties as assigned by the Unit Director.

  Experience / Education Required:  

  • Completion of two years of college, with a preference of study in child development, education, recreation, and sociology or psychology.  Extensive experience in the child development field will be considered as equivalent.

  • At least one year of experience working with groups of children in a supervised setting

  • Preference for work experience with low-income, disadvantaged children

  • Demonstrated experience in planning and implementation of youth programs

  Wage / Benefits:  

These are full-time positions that will start at $18-24 per hour based upon experience and qualifications for a maximum of 40 hours a week with full benefits.  Sign-on bonuses are available for qualified candidates. 

****All applicants must submit a Resume and Cover Letter to be considered for this position. Thank you!

Interested in Joining our Team?

To join our dedicated team of Program Directors, please send us your Resume and Cover Letter to!

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